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Covered Plants


Be it a retrofit upgrade, renovation, addition, or new facility a Due North Mechanical project is designed and implemented with quality, functionality, and serviceability as our compass towards success.


Construction, Renovation & Additions

Systems Built to Suit

Working within an agricultural environment can present varying challenges. We address the influence that our work will have on your surroundings and proactively strategize to protect your livestock, crops and profits. We foster a collaborative approach to bring about the outcomes to best suit your application.

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Service & Repairs

We take care to protect sensitive environments. 


General plumbing repairs, cross connections, insufficient hot water, noises, odours, etc.

Hydronic Heating

System maintenance and repairs for boilers, pumps, radiators etc.

Equipment Service
& Installation

Tank-style and tankless water heaters, cooling towers, boilers, pool heaters, furnaces, humidifiers, mixing valves, unit heaters,  tube heaters, storage tanks

Watering Systems

Feed water, greenhouse irrigation

Process System Piping

Installations, modifications, service and repairs

Water Treatment

Softeners, iron filters, reverse osmosis, UV sterilization, carbon and sediment filtration

Item Subtitle

Gas Fitting

Gas line installs, leak detection, combustion services

Circulators, Sumps &
Sewage Ejectors

Repair, service and installation


Sewer and water line replacement

Installation, testing, service, maintenance, & surveying

Backflow Prevention

Drain Cleaning
& Camera Inspections

Waterline Replacement

Galvanized, Kitec, copper, pex etc.

Toilet, urinals, faucets, sinks, showers, shower valves, bidets, tubs, fountains, etc



We take pride in our work and your satisfaction.

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