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Dependable, Dedicated,


Due North Mechanical
is a Multi-Service Contractor.

A Team Committed to Professional Results.

Due North Mechanical was formed by two like-minded plumbers with a shared vision to provide quality mechanical solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. We strive to complete every endeavor safely and efficiently while keeping quality, functionality, and serviceability at the forefront of our mindset. We accomplish this through communication and a determined commitment to implement systems that combine the customer's vision, code compliance and effective operation.


25 Combined Years
In the Industry.

Happy Customers

What Our Clients Have to Say


I have been dealing with a hot water tank issue for 2 years. This tank is used for domestic hot water and to heat my floors. Every 9 months I had to replace the gas valve at a cost of $300. In comes Brandon from Due North Mechanical who diagnoses the problem in less than an hour, replaces the mixing valve which was the issue, and problem solved. I highly recommend Due North as trusted professionals who are courteous, knowledgeable, with any mechanical needs. Thank you Brandon.

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